D2R Crypto
D2R Crypto

A Crypto Trading Platform for Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) Items and Services

Codes take you directly to posts

  • Create a post with your EOS account name (if you don't have an EOS account, one can be created automatically by installing a wallet)
  • Be on the lookout for an email notifying you that your item or service has sold
  • Communicate with the buyer via the message board and complete the trade
  • Politely ask the buyer to release the trade amount from the escrow to your EOS account
  • Swap (exchange) EOS in your wallet for any other cryptocurrency either using your wallet or via an instant cryptocurrency exchange such as SimpleSwap (simpleswap.io)
  • Acquire EOS cryptocurrency in your wallet, either via trading or an online exchange such as Coinbase (coinbase.com) or a wallet such as Guarda (guarda.com)
  • If your EOS account isn't already saved to D2R Crypto, then get your EOS account name AND associative private key ready (your private key is stored encrypted in your browser and never with D2R Crypto)
  • After completing a purchase, check your email for a link to your message board or wait in-game for the seller to contact you depending on what you included in the comments (e.g., your in-game name)
  • When the seller completes the delivery of the item or service and they agree with what's on the receipt release the funds from the escrow
  • If the seller doesn't deliver, open a dispute and D2R Crypto will work to resolve the issue
  • Features
  • A Built-In Crypto Payment Processor
  • Item Quantities
  • USD or Crypto Fixed Amounts
  • Multiple Sale Methods, Including Offers
  • No Signup Required
  • No Fee Whatsoever
  • An Escrow for Protection
  • EOS
  • 2,800 transactions per second
  • 0.5s transaction times
  • 0% transaction fees
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