D2R Crypto Home of the D2RCrypto (D2R) Token D2RCrypto (D2R) is a token for in-game trading (and therefore not infringing upon the TOS agreement) of Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) items. D2R Contract mdi-open-in-new TronLink mdi-open-in-new How to add a contract address (token) to TronLink Copy D2R Contract Address How it works On October 20th, 2022, D2R Crypto created 12,500,000 (12.5 million) D2RCrypto (D2R) tokens. It is never possible to create new tokens or destroy existing ones. D2R Crypto gives them away free to spur a token economy for D2R in-game trading. D2R Crypto reserves a portion of the tokens for reimbursing defrauded traders. D2R Crypto also handles short names and fraudulent trader reports. All traders must have a short name. Never trade with anyone who doesn't give you a short name. Only trade with nonfraudulent short names. Add a short name Every short name added gets 25 D2R tokens sent to their wallet address. Add short name Search for a short name (given to you in-game) In addition to getting their wallet address, check if they are fraudulent or not Search mdi-send Report a fraudulent trader And we'll investigate and most likely reimburse your tokens Report fraudulent trader